[Book Review] -Dream with your eyes open by Ronnie screwvala

Evolution of his carrier: Intro

In the early 1980s, Ronnie screwvala started his first  venture in business of manufacturing toothbrush for MNCs

Then in the early 1990s established influential media and entertainment business by  starting UTV corporation

In the 2000s he acquired Vijaya tv  from liquor king Vijay Mallya and partnered with star tv

With his UTV cooperation Ronnie screwvala started offering a wide range of services like Making advertisement films, documentaries for airlines, Dubbing Hollywood live-action movies, and animation content in India, Setting up large post-production and special effects studio.

In 2006 he entered into different  broadcasting  tv networks For kids  Hungama Bindass  Indias first youth channel Bloomberg UTV for business news

He also worked as producer  co-producer distributor  for  several movies in  Bollywood

Entrepreneurship is a journey,  not an outing.

You cant make a deal with yourself by saying I am going to try this for two years and see

Entrepreneurship is about living your life on your own terms.

When you fail in the first  business, it shouldn’t worry you  because it helps you to identify

Mistakes and motivates you to become stronger and ignites passion and winning spirit in you

 If you can dream it, you can do it

Today our goal is not to teach talented people how to get a job   but how to create thriving business  entrepreneurs or professionals in a company

Even in today’s where developed countries are waking up the untrapped  potential of entrepreneurship, but Indian ecosystem is such that parents think their  children should get jobs not risk their family’s money and reputation in building their  dream

Even today they respect their parents too much  to go beyond their wishes

He started UTV with  ₹37500  for basic rent and salaries.

Ronnie screwvala started his entrepreneurial journey when he was in 20’s he did theatre and front-of-tv anchoring, so to learn more he has flown to UK. his father was managing director of a company called j.l Morrison the makers of neva cream and personal care items, as the same time his dad was in London and told to take a tour of ADDISH HAIR AND TOOTH brush company, and for the first time he saw brand new machines about to install in toothbrush factory and he wanted to take it to India, and he asked the supervisor to rent the machines for sixty days with a smile. without a rupee in his pocket, no idea about the oral hygiene industry, no strategy to import these huge machines to India, after a healthy conversation with officials, and because of his dad kindness they agreed with the deal

in 1980 in Indian, some MNC of certain sectors are sourced production to small scale industries they couldn’t build themselves a manufacturing unit, for example, we think  Colgate, p&g  other companies make toothbrushes but they cont make on their own they are outsourcing orders from local manufacturers.

that means there is a market for his business and he fought hell to get appointments with companies to make an order for manufacturing brushes from him  once he got the letter of intent to manufacture in 120 days

in 120 days period, he needs to find co-founder or CEO and send a technical engineer  to London for 2 weeks  for training and to learn how to operate the machine,

bring raw material, find company location

being electricity and government permission since he is clear that this, not the full-time occupation  he needs to leverage or automate the process

and  move ahead  and after a delay of 40 days due to delay in permissions  they started delivery of brushes

this tells instead of doing research and homework  a lot  start doing take action and  start doing it

Deep knowledge comes and putting laser light  focus on your dream

it help you to stay away from insecurities and fears that come in the way because he invested in good technology, he never went out of orders or customers

1 st year he manufactured 5 lakh brushes  2 year they started 40 lakh a month about five crore brushes a year  they grow  because  of  taking  advantage of entering into the untapped market of India in 1980

in those days less than 15 per cent population ware using brushes most Indians use ayurvedic tree barks to scrub their teeth

even today it is less than  40%

Learning the most important skill communication is your fuel.

Communication for entrepreneurs involves much more than having the skill of clear and expressive speech, communication is an imp ingredient in the recipe of success it helps to establish an open, frank, transparent and non-political and build a culture in an organization it’s another form of currency, and it is results of how you use it and spend it.

An average we speak 1600 words every day, so every word counts and Every sentence makes a statement so let’s master the skill.

Overcoming the competition

when an entrepreneur enters a new  sector or profession by starting a new business without full knowledge  of domain the existing market players see you as outsiders

With full of grit and learning attitude, you need to overcome competition by solving a huge problem with your unique model.

Understand your consumers based on their location, age, gender, social-economic condition, and education status.

Importance of Groundwork

During the early 1980s when he started   to sell cable tv connection today DTH  to

People with no idea what remote is  or never changing the TV channel

To sell his first connection they showed 1000 demos and 3000 door to door visits

So he shifted his campaign and targeted large  hotels chains in the mission to set up a

Cable services in every hotel room and once people get habituated with service

Then scaled to individual houses


When you build the business we need to understand what moves the needle

So size scale vision of leader or founder plays a major role

you should know the direction and velocity of company

Inflection point should be pursued so stay restless

Failure is a comma, not a full stop.

The importance of picking the right team

The importance of acquiring domain knowledge

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